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Should I use professional hot tools at home?

Professional tools are not just for the pros! Well, at least when it comes to blow dryers, smoothing irons, curling irons, wands, or brushes. In short, why would you want to use inferior tools on your hair? After all, you did take care when picking out the right hairstylist, didn't you? Of course, you did! When it comes to pro-tools they do cost more but they cost more for a good reason. They are not only built stronger and are designed to last longer but they are better for your hair. That's right, pro-tools treat your hair better, just like your hairstylist. When you pay more for your styling tools you are investing in your look and the quality of your hair. Professional tools will keep your hair healthier and looking better because the companies take the time to focus on things like balanced heat throughout the hot tool and better quality materials while making them. Plus they come with longer cords so you don't have to sit on your sink while styling (unless you want to of course). let's dive a little deeper into what makes pro-tools worth it.


If you buy a cheap iron you may not realize it but that iron has hot spots. I know you're thinking duh, it's an iron I want it to get hot, but that's not what im talking about, you want a nice even heat. If I set my irons to 350 degrees, they are going to be 350 degrees throughout the entire plate or barrel, not 350 degrees on the perimeter and 400 degrees in the center. Degrees, that brings me to another feature pro-irons have that cheaper irons probably don't have, an actual heat setting not just low, medium, high. this allows you to pick the right temperature for your hair. I prefer to use the lowest temp that still gets the look im going for.

Blow dryers

Blow dryers are not just here to get your hair dried faster, though that is a benefit they possess. When you have a good blow dryer it's going to help smooth your hair's cuticle down (this gives you shine) instead of causing the cuticle to flair out (this causes frizz), it will also have a nice even heat, that heat will also not get so hot it fries your hair. Have you ever seen a blow dryer that when you look inside of it that it has a coil that gets so red hot it looks like a cigarette lighter from an old car? Yeah, that's not good, talk about what causes dry, brittle hair. Professional blow dryers are going to not only help you get the look you're looking for but they will help you get that look while keeping your hair as healthy as possible while using a hot tool (yes all heat will cause some damage. That's why leave-in conditioners and thermal protectants are also important. to be discussed in a different post).


So you can never get your hair to look the way your hairdresser can get it to look. Well on top of practice, practice, practice, you should also look at your tools all the way down to the brushes you use. As a stylist, I try to only use only the best tools. This is going to give me an advantage when it comes to styling your hair not only is it better for your hair but it will also lead to better styling results. Professional round brushes have special barrels that distribute heat evenly (a common theme among pro hot tools), the bristles are often corkscrewed in order to get a better grip on the hair (this helps to smooth that cuticle down to give shine) and some are designed to fit better in your hand which will make styling more enjoyable. Added tip use hair clips to work in smaller sections and pick a brush size that works for your style and hair length, long hair doesn't always mean the largest brush nor does short hair mean the smallest brush. Talk to your stylist about what brush size is best for you.

Some salons have hot tools on display with their take-home products while others( like B. Hair) are happy to special order them for you based on your needs. It's important to talk to your stylist about what you're looking for this way they can guide you to what is going to set you up for the best success.

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